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OpenFortune is the fortune cookie.

No, we didn’t invent the fortune cookie.

We just took all of the traditional fortune cookies that already existed in the world and gave brands the opportunity to place their ads inside.

The same fortune cookie continues to land in those same Asian restaurants across the world.

Just now with your brand on the back.

  • “The motivational and inspirational nature of the fortune cookie has a way of injecting positivity when we need it most. In working with OpenFortune, we were able to tap into the emotions of the fortune cookie and tell consumers that, life can be tough, but you’ll be fine.”
    – Deena Beach, Vice President of Marketing Strategy & Media at Freeform

  • Aligning with an asset that is often viewed as a unique predictor of financial wealth and happiness is an exciting way for us to continue to shed light on the financial possibilities a filer’s tax return can create for them.
    – Curtis Campbell, TaxAct President